Kyparissi is the ideal destination to combine your holiday with many activities because of the close distance to Myrtoo sea and the mountain of Parnonas. The swimming and diving will revive you while sitting on the beach is very relaxing . At the port of Agios Nikolaos, you can take your boat and go for fishing or take a romantic boat trip along the coast . Even fishing  from the port can give you a good catch to enjoy eating at the taverns of the area .    Trekking, mountaineering and rock climbing is the best activity that will bring you and your company close to nature and fresh air . Kyparissi has  beautiful and accessible hiking short- or long -term paths that leads to beautiful chapels ,  archaeological monuments , such as the Acropolis and to caves and pastures . Some paths are:

  • Paralia Kyparissi- st George  half hour walking
  • Kremasti- Kyparissi 5 hours
  • Charakas –  Piliza half hour
  • Kyparissi- Paliohora 2.5 hours .
  • Kyparissi- Ag Varvara 2,5 hours

These trails are a magnet for naturalist and hiking clubs. We can provide you any information you need. The hunting will surely leave you the best memories, if you are not lucky enough to catch something, at least hiking in the mountains will fascinate you. We suggest you also to combine your vacation with reading, writing, painting and taking photographs in this beautiful scenery.

Walk Kremasti - KyparissiClimbScuba diving